Banner Engineering Introduces Most Powerful Safety Scanner To Date

The SX5 Series of Safety Laser Scanners has expanded with master and remote models to provide advanced features for enhanced personnel and equipment protection. The SX5 master can monitor three safety zones simultaneously with three individual safety outputs. It also features 70 unique zone sets, selectable scan codes, and partial muting to mute all or part of a safety zone while protecting the remainder of the zone.

Replacing Traditional Safety PLC Functions

Connect incremental encoders directly to the scanner, leverage up to 70 zone sets for mobile protection, and send measurement data for direct vehicle navigation all from the SX5 master device. Complete the system with a simple safety relay or Banner’s SC10 hybrid safety relay device for a compact and cost-effective design solution. 

For applications that require monitoring multiple sides of an AGV, up to four scanners can be easily connected through an Ethernet-based safe communications bus, working as a single system.

Three Scanners in One

The SX5 master with three independent safety outputs can monitor all three areas simultaneously to simplify setup and reduce overall safeguarding costs. For AGV and robotic cell applications, you can utilize these independent safety outputs to dynamically reduce speed or stop motion based on how close someone is to the hazard.

Easy-to-Implement Dynamic Muting

Eliminate the expense and hassle of an external module or controller for muting by directly connecting muting sensors to the SX5.  It will create a tightly protected area around the muted object while the muting function is active. Partial muting is also available, allowing you to mute only a portion of the safety zone, keeping the rest of the safety zone protected.

Simple Setup & Installation for Rapid Deployment

Set up just takes a few simple steps using Banner’s free configuration software. This robust software features menu-driven tools that guide users through setup and make it easy to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existing infrastructure and meet the specific needs of any application.


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