C&E Is Moving to a New Location

  • September 19, 2019

After 41 years, C&E is officially expanding its roots! 

On September 10th, C&E Advanced Technologies, currently located in Washington Township, OH, broke ground on a new site in Miamisburg, OH. The 26,400 square foot office and 15,000 square foot warehouse will take approximately nine months to complete.

"C&E has transformed and grown in our current home, but we are ready for this bold move. Miamisburg can provide the space for what we need currently and, in the future. We couldn't be more excited for this next step," - Kerry Cooper, President

Founded in 1978, C&E was operating out of a garage with only three employees. It has since expanded into a company of 115 employees in four states. This is a very exciting time for C&E and its employees. We look forward to what the future holds for the company and cannot wait to be in our new location and building!







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