Newest Mobile Robot Combines Unique Agility with Market Leading Safety

  • March 09, 2020

Mobile robot maker MiR has announced the latest addition to their product range of autonomous mobile robots — the MiR250.

With the current demand in industry for robots that can move underneath things, navigate in narrow spaces, in small elevators and which can take corners quickly, MiR has delivered a new agile robot that is exactly what the market is seeking.

The launch of the MiR250 means that multiple sectors now have a completely new tool for the optimization of logistics. In addition to having a top speed of 7.2 km per hour, it has a shorter and lower design, enabling it to navigate in limited space. For example, it can move through door openings with widths as small as 31 1/2 inches.

The MiR250 is also built for harsh industrial environments—having stronger components in place of  several standard ones, it has a longer lifetime, operates better and is easier to service. With a charge time twice as short as other smaller mobile robots, it will get an extra three hours of operation per 24-hour period. And because it has more integrated safety functions than any other mobile robot, MiR250 is the safest of its kind on the market.

Very few smaller robots are built solidly enough to meet the standards that MiR is setting in this niche. Their unique position as a supplier of AMRs for industry is described by C&E Robotics Business Developer Dana Poling:

"MiR has listened to their customers and delivered in a big way with the MiR250.  Manufacturing environments are demanding, and the MiR 250 exceeds expectations for an AMR on the plant floor.  Coupled with a new Shelf Carrier top module and mating carts from RoEQ, the MiR250 provides a highly maneuverable solution for delivering shelves and carts."

For more information on the MiR250 and other MiR AMR solutions contact:

c&e robotics rep dana poling

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