Securely Access Manufacturing Systems Remotely With Ewon

  • April 21, 2020

Remotely access manufacturing facilities to monitor and adjust programming processes. 

This tech note is focused on configuring secure remote access to an individual IP Address located on the LAN or protected side of an Ewon unit.

https://www.embedded-world.de/de/ausstellerprodukte/embwld20 ...

The Ewon hardware unit together with the eCatcher software utility and the Talk2M cloud account, establishes a VPN tunnel allowing someone located remotely from the manufacturing facility to access PLCs, HMIs, Drives, etc. on a machine or production line to monitor and make programming modifications to the process. Current facility equipment without secure remote access can add Ewon units to allow Maintenance and Engineering Staff, along with OEMs, Machine Builders, and System Integrators, to remotely access, diagnose, and service the machines. On the LAN side of an Ewon unit could be several connected Ethernet devices. An OEM or Machine Builder with a large service team may divide their team into groups that can only access certain Ewon units in the Talk2M account for which they have knowledge and competencies of the machines. 

View the full C&E Ewon Secure Remote Access technical application.


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