Solve Your Coding and Marking Challenges With C&E and BestCode

Reliable. Simple. Affordable. 

BestCode industrial printing system designs focus on ease of use, long term reliability, and affordable cost of ownership with an emphasis on global market requirements. 

Their complete range of IP65 rated marking and coding systems are simplified to allow anyone to operate, minimizing operator touches, extending time between human interaction, and lowering total cost of ownership. BestCode's systems are designed for extreme environments. 

  • FreakyFast Printing: coding speeds above 2000 feet per minute
  • True Non-Contact Printing: ink throw distances from .5" (12 mm) to 2" (50mm)
  • 10.4" Color Touch Screen: always on, vivid display with large intuitive buttons and status indicators
  • OneTouch: single-step operator functions reduce operator steps
  • AutoOff Go Home Button: automate and eliminate time consuming end-of-day manual routines

Let C&E help you with your marking and coding challenges. Call us at 800-228-2790! 

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