Our Core Purpose

C&E makes connections. We are the connection between industrial parts manufacturers and their end users around the world. If we break that chain there is a ripple effect. It impacts everyone, but more importantly, it affects people. If a manufacturer’s line is down, it affects their workers, their customers, their truck drivers, their office staff, etc. There are real-world, human implications if we get something wrong. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. 

GCG Automation & Factory Solutions

In 2021, GCG, a leading value-added wire and cable solutions provider, announced the acquisition of C&E Advanced Technologies. C&E has joined ACD, Adcon EngineeringEmpireNeff Power and PCC to be leaders in industrial automation as one team.


Core Value 1
We Care About People
We’re a family at C&E and we truly value our relationships – with our customers, our suppliers, and with each other. We teach people to fish and invest in them make them self-sufficient. We’re grateful for what we have and give back to our community as much as we’re able.
Core Value 2
We Do The Right Thing
We tell the truth. We stand by our word and don’t make promises we can’t keep.
Core Value 3
We've Got Your Back
Our customers, suppliers, and teammates know they can rely on C&E. It took us 40 years to gain this reputation and we take it seriously. We know accuracy and expertise matter in every touchpoint of every order. We operate with a sense of urgency and always go the extra mile to see things through.
Core Value 4
We Look For The Good
We celebrate wins, in business and our personal lives. We listen to people and treat everyone with respect. We know none of us is as smart as all of us, which is why we remain approachable and open to suggestion.


We are always interested in discussing opportunities for Automation Professionals. Please don't hesitate to contact our Human Resources Director, Diana Powers, or call Donnie Bischoff our Director of Sales.

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