C&E Introduces CEntelligence™ to the Automation Industry

Leading automation distributor C&E Advanced Technologies has embarked on a new marketing campaign to spread awareness about CEntelligence™, a key component to the business' refreshed brand identity. C&E wants customers and other industry partners to know that they'll be seeing and experiencing a lot of CEntelligence™, from new videos and marketing collateral to email signatures and invoices. They'll even be hearing about it in conversations with C&E associates.

They employ some of the most knowledgeable Technology Consultants, Specialist, Customer Service Representatives and Warehouse staff in the automation community. A core number of their employees have a decade or more of experience with automation systems. They are continually working for their customer's success through product education, process improvement, and dependable service. These unified efforts help build meaningful, long lasting connections and it's all powered by CEtelligence™.

CEntelligence™ is defined as a powerful body of knowledge drawing from over 1,000 years of combined experience on the C&E Advanced Technologies team of specialists, utilized to deliver custom automation solutions with a focus on making clients more capable and successful. Those who follow the C&E brand may recognize CEntelligence™ as what powers their company icon and mascot CEntroneer, and C&E wants to power up the industry with CEntelligence™ in the same way.

C&E Owner and Corporate Technology Consultant Joel Braun says,

"Although CEntelligence™ has been integral to the values and mission at C&E, we're happy to now solidify it as a part of our company brand. Our salespeople are CEntelligent, our engineers are CEntelligent, our materials and support teams are CEnelligent, and it's great that our organization is finally getting to share CEntelligence™ with the industry through our marketing communications."

C&E does not just sell products, they provide solutions for specific applications that are unique to each customer. Their CEntelligent Technology Consultants and Specialist are constantly training to stay current with industry innovations to create a solution that works exactly as the customer intends. Customers benefit from CEntelligence™ not only when interacting with their Technology Consultants and Specialist but with every facet of C&E.

Their Solution Center is the heart of CEntelligence™. It's where components from top tier suppliers are assembled to provide a complete custom solution that's ready for implementation upon delivery. The CEntelligent Customer Service staff handles more than just quotes and orders. They have implemented new technology to provide customers with important information such as, product availability, shipping dates, tracking locations and understand each product so the customer knows exactly what is being ordered. They also communicate directly with the CEntelligent warehouse staff to know if a product is in stock or not to provide an accurate lead time. 

Just providing automation solutions to end users might be good enough for some but not for C&E. During the entire process they aim to transfer their knowledge, their experiences, their CEntelligence™ to the customer so they understand the ins and outs of their custom solution system.


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