Extremelife™-70 Cable Meets Worldwide Requirements

Turck Extremelife™-70 cable with NEK 606 enhanced oil and mud resistance is the first global cable offering to meet both North American NEC flame and tray installation requirements (FT4/IEEE 1202) and global requirements for low-smoke, halogen-free content. This multi-listed approach simplifies cable logistics for global projects allowing a single cable source that meets worldwide installation requirements.



Equipped for marine and arctic weather conditions, Extremelife-70 includes UL and C(UL) -70 °C cold bend and -40 °C cold impact listings and remains flexible to work with down to -40 °C. It is IEEE 1580-2010 and IEC 60092 Marine Shipboard approved and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified. These cables are robust and reliable, whether exposed to crush, impact, abrasion, cold, flame, oil, mud, chemicals, or UV.


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