• September 26, 2019

Banner's easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines replaces the functionality of two or more safety relay modules with an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, icon-based programming with drag-and-drop PC configuration simplifies device setup and management
  • Supports a wide range of safety devices, eliminating the need to buy and stock safety relay modules dedicated to specific safety devices
  • Two safety 6 amp relay outputs each with three N.O. sets of contacts 
  • Ten inputs, including four that can be used as non-safe outputs
  • Automatic Terminal Optimization (ATO) can increase inputs from 10 up to 14
  • Industrial Ethernet two-way communication enables 256 virtual non-safe status outputs and 80 virtual non-safe inputs (reset, on/off, cancel off-delay, mute enable.)
  • SC-XM3 external drive for fast swap and quick configuration without a PC

Download the Safety Controller software for FREE and start configuring your application instantly. 

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