Product of the Month: The MiR Hook 250 & MiR Shelf Carrier 250

  • January 05, 2024

Introducing our Product of the Month:

The MiR Hook 250 & MiR Shelf Carrier 250!

MiR Hook 250: The MiR Hook 250 is a towing solution that enables the robot to pick-up, transport and deliver carts. 

  • 500 kg towing capacity
  • Patented design for carts at different heights
  • Detects carts via QR codes or April Tags
  • No need to change existing carts
  • Effortless transportation to any destination!

MiR Shelf Carrier 250: The MiR Shelf Carrier 250 is an anchoring device that enables the robot to lock to carts and shelves, move them, and deliver them.

  • Automates internal goods transportation
  • Versatile deployment for different tasks
  • Stable & safe in dynamic environments
  • No changes required to existing facility


Experience the future of logistics with MiR Robotics! Interested in learning more? Contact our Robotics Product Manager, Rohan Gaglani at rgaglani@gogcg.com.

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