BestCode Helping Manufacturers Stay Compliant with Industry Standards

  • January 29, 2020

In manufacturing, as the demand for product traceability increases, the need for faster and more reliable coding and marking increases. Regular improvement and development of Continuous Ink Jet technology is needed in the industry - a fact BestCode knows well. 

Why is traceability so important?

Traceability provides the ability to quickly recall products, track production, and match replacement parts. BestCode industrial printing systems and associated fluids print real-time lot/date, sell-by dates, expiration dates and other identifying marks on industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability.

For 25 years, BestCode has produced industry changing, forward thinking innovative printing designs and continues to do so. Their products are sold and serviced through a world-wide network of factory authorized, trained and certified distributor partners. Their Continuous Ink Jet printers are designed for ease-of-use, trouble free operation, and long term reliability with an emphasis on global market requirements. BestCode is dedicated to helping you stay compliant with industry standards. 

BestCode Industrial Marking & Coding Systems:

  • Designed for extreme environments and the global market
  • Print anything. Mark and code everything.
  • Offer broad range of inks for printing on virtually any substrate
  • Print high speed, reliable identifying marks and codes
  • Minimal user interaction
  • State-of-the-art electronics

BestCode offers FREE test prints. Want to schedule a demo and free test print? Call us at 800-228-2790! 





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