Mobile Robots Are More Affordable Than You Think

MiR's autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are revolutionizing how companies implement and perform automation processes. These robots are optimizing productivity and internal logistics proving to increase a company's competitiveness while increasing safety. MiR's AMRs are user-friendly with easy integration and simple programming. No need for expensive and disruptive reconfiguration of your infrastructure. Their ability to detect, avoid and navigate around fixed and moving obstacles provides an enormous advantage to work alongside employees without fear of injury. This provides a huge boost in productivity by delivering supplies to employees or locations consistently and reliably.

A Better Way To Pay  

Lease mobile robots with 0% interest and accelerate automation of internal logistics. With MiR Finance you can enjoy a 3-month deferred payment period and 33 monthly payments with 0% interest to have the lowest impact on cash flow. Which means that all the benefits of automating your internal logistics can now be yours. 


It's now possible to calculate your cost and ROI using MiR's leasing calculator. Simply select an AMR model, number of leased robots, number of weekly production hours and number of lease length years. For more information or to start increasing your internal logistics contact your local CEntelligent Technology Consultant or visit our contact us page. 


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